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Max Walker is a working musician in the Seattle area. With a background in jazz performance studies at Cornish College of the Arts, and Seattle Central Community College, Max is an experienced and knowledgeable player.  Max can play a vast number of genres such as Jazz, Rock, Metal, Latin, Pop, Folk, and Funk/Soul among other genres. In addition to his Jazz education, Max has also studied Irish traditional music at the University College Cork located in Cork, Ireland and has experience playing the penny whistle, bodhrán, and mandolin.

    Besides his value as a freelance guitarist, Max has also been working as a private instructor from 2011 onwards. On top of this, Max also has experience as a theory tutor and is capable of teaching students of a vast range in knowledge. 

Max has played in a wide variety of projects around the greater Seattle area including his own project Cavalerie and Hansel and Gretel (Musical Theater, Cornish Senior Thesis, Raisbeck Hall). Max has studied with guitarist Chris Spencer, pianist Randy Halberstadt, pianist Jovino Santos Neto, composer and band leader Jim Knapp, and Bassist Chuck Deardorf.