Cavalerie is a collaborative project that Max Walker has co-led with New York based vocalist Jackie Pomeroy since 2013. With the addition of Yezech Tahar on drums and Moe Weisner on bass, the project strives to compliment Pomeroy’s searing lyrical style with virtuosic and often times beautifully chaotic instrumental arrangements. Released in early 2018, Cavalerie’s debut album Rallyin’ the Battalion is in many ways a battle cry calling on listeners to stand against the many social and political injustices facing society today. This being said, Cavalerie’s main themes of love, humor, and joy are apparent throughout the album, showcasing the groups mutual passion for creating music.  

Scorpio and the Hunter is a QPOC led band that brings you spaced out funky soul jams inspired by astrology and cosmic mythology. The band is fronted by Anthony Canape whose ethereal voice rides atop funky minimalist grooves to keep your booty in motion.